Thank god for local Towing businesses

It’s been a great six months since I received my license and purchased my car. It all happened so quickly but I remember just how free and excited I felt to own my vehicle. It was the start of my life after college, and it was relieving to know that I no longer needed to rely on others for rides. However, because in a city so big there are many crazy and irresponsible 25, you drive, it is essential to be cautious. It’s crazy to believe that many people are ready to risk their lives but the lives of the drivers around them to do an insignificant job that could be done at another time. The recklessness of drivers is an immediate threat to everyone on the streets. Now, I saw a massive accident between 3 cars and drove to work. All looked damaged to a degree, and it was clear that someone was diverted and caused harm to another vehicle that just happened to be in the lane at the time although I don’t know the reason for this accident. Now, as this accident had stalled traffic, I was getting a view of what happened. They had called a towing service, and the experts were quick to get the cars towed to help the flow of vehicles through the highway.

It was then that I realized I should have a reliable towing firm number saved that I ever would be involved in an accident. The moment an accident happens emotions will flood the person’s logic, and so it was watching this accident which made me realize the importance of being ready for anything and everything! Towing services not only support car wrecks but also offer many other helpful services like unlocking car doors when you lock yourself out, pulling unauthorized cars in your parking spot, jump starting your vehicle, towing your car if you ever run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and much more. So it is essential to be prepared and stay calm in these instances, these situations can happen to anybody at any time. Saving the amount for the best towing service will be very beneficial, and you can maintain a calm attitude with the assurance that someone will have the ability to serve you at any time on any day. That reassurance is one way you can prepare yourself for situations that could happen to you whenever you least expect it to. People driving around and more suspicious people is important to remain safe and be able to call. I searched 24/7 towing service in college station in order to get the help I needed. Check out their website at in order to receive any sort of towing service you may need!

My Microblading experience

I was on YouTube seeing some videos and I stumbled upon a video from one of my favourite influencers and noticed she had gotten microblading performed over the weekend. She has obviously dark brows but they were sparse and had some spaces so she decided to fill the spots in and give her brows definition. She recorded her recovery process and the entire microblading process as well since I considered getting the procedure done myself which was really useful for me. This cosmetic procedure is natural, while it was scary imagining getting my eyebrows. The technician will carefully draw in thin strokes which resemble actual hair so that it does not look too thick and dark and blends in naturally. The results looked fabulous on her and that I was excited to schedule my own appointment. I knew how important it was to go to a good and professional technician because the styles differ from person to person. Some technicians are amazing and make it appear natural that you can’t even tell that they aren’t real hairs, but others are not that good and make. I found the woman to perform microblading for me and do plenty of research. Another concern for me was the healing procedure. I had learned about the healing process that took usually 3-4 weeks.

Having very sensitive skin I was slightly worried that my skin could have a terrible reaction. The healing process consisted of darkened brows for a days to weeks. After that phase was over the colour would go back to the color you need and normal would heal and look again. However, I still wanted to take that risk as my eyebrows are light, thin, and nonexistent. Without my brow makeup, I look like I do not have eyebrows. They are mild and slightly over plucked and that I wanted to try microblading to not just make the shape of my eyebrows but also to darken them so that my brows look thicker as well. I scheduled my appointment and called the company after deciding that I wanted to do it for sure. I really liked who I wanted to make sure that the brows could be delivered by her just as I wanted and chose because she was respectful. So she took the work she was aware. I anxiously waited for the day of everything and my appointment went on the day of. I loved the way she took her time and made the shape of my brows . I am happy with my effects that are microblading and so happy! I did not have many problems with skin irritation and took great care of the area. Make sure to check out microblading houston for the best services in the local area located near the southwest freeway!

Acupuncture may save your life

While Acupuncture may be considered unorthodox in the United States, it has long been the most trusted and reliable form of medicinal practice in East Asia for centuries.

It practices the art of inserting needles into certain ‘chi spots’  to help trigger self-recovery for many patients. This helps release endorphins within our body and reduces inflammation. This creates a calming sensation for the patient and helps alleviate stress during and after the treatment.

This is a great alternative for people looking for a holistic approach towards recovering from an illness or an injury. Acupuncture has shown to be very effective in treating all sorts of disorders and injuries such as

  • Pain relief
  • Fertility
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Drug Addiction
  • Chronic pain
  • Allergies
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • And more



Due to the nature of healing all illnesses and injuries by targeting the root cause, many people have made incredible recoveries without the use of prescription medications that have shown to cause many side effects.

Along with Acupuncture, many clinic recommend taking herbal medicine in order to help increase recovery and healing. It is normally a proprietary blend of herbs and plants that help recover in a natural method.

Acupuncture is unique because it helps heal physical, mental, and emotional pains and illnesses. This is due to the fact that all injuries and illnesses are revolved within the hormones and organs within our body. Acupuncture helps target all the abnormalities within the body and can help recover in a natural and safe way.

There are many different types of services such as acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, and electric stimulation.

Acupressure is a type of acupuncture that involves massaging certain chi spots and is without the use of needles. This can help stimulate recovery for many physical injuries and is used depending on the type of problem the patient has.

Moxibustion is a type of treatment using Moxi candles and the doctor will carefully hover it near the surface of the skin. This is very beneficial for sicknesses such as a cold and the flu.

Cupping has become extremely popular in recent years and many athletes have been utilizing cupping for recovery and blood flow. An acupuncturist will use glass cups around your back and body to help stimulate blood flow in those specific areas and is generally known to accelerate muscle recovery.

Electric stimulation is a method of acupuncture where the doctor will hook needles to an electric machine and intensify the healing process.

Overall, the Acupuncturist will use many different methods to help treat every patient.

We have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Yang at Acupuncture Wellness and hear about the industry and about his business. He owns a locally owned clinic located in Houston, Texas and has been serving the community for over 13 years.

He starts a session with a brief consultation for the patient and proceeds to using acupuncture for the patient. This treatment normally lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards he will recommend herbal medicine and schedule another appointment. He will typically continue treatments until the patient has recovered from their sickness or injury. Check out Acupuncture Wellness at Houston acupuncturist and schedule an appointment today!